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From $2k to over $50k Monthly Passive Income in Under 2 Years with Joey Mure

Passive income is something many people salivate over, but few ever really achieve it. It often sounds like a pipe dream we hear on podcasts and from stages, but it is a possibility.

How do people set up a system that earns thousands of dollars in the most hands-off, set-and-forget way? 

In 2020, Wealth Without Wall Street founders, Joey Mure and his business partner decided to test out various passive income strategies, and they went from earning $2,400 to $50,000 a month in the process. 

In this episode, Joey gives us a peek into his basket of passive income, and why building an empire is easier than it looks.

If you’re 100% solely dependent on an active income right now, that’s like being on the Titanic with no lifeboats. – Joey Mure


Things You’ll Learn In This Episode

How to create opportunities for wealth with money you already have
We’re told that putting money in a 401k or IRA is the responsible thing to do, but are we siphoning off massive opportunities in the process?  

The key to a successful Airbnb operation
How did Joey take a condo that wasn’t making money for 15 years and get it to net $2200 in cash flow in the first month? 

Why we have to shift our crypto mindset
Are we looking at crypto all wrong if we’re expecting it to make us rich right now?

How to get rich by investing in people 
The key to Joey’s successful passive income strategies is finding ventures that didn’t require them to start from scratch. How did they find them?


Guest Bio

Joey Mure is ​​co-founder, partner and host of Wealth Without Wall Street. Wealth Without Wall Street provides financial insight and tools to break free of the mindset and bondage of Wall Street. Joey and his co-founder Russ created a plan to help entrepreneurs create their vision of financial freedom.

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