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It’s Starting to Look Like a Recession: Investing Mistakes to Avoid & The $9k Strategy That Will Save You a TON of Headaches w/Jen Du Plessis

Trillions of dollars in stimulus are flowing to asset classes like real estate, creating massive bubbles, a flurry of activity and a lot of competition. Should you compete or sit this market out?

We don’t have to follow the crowd and expose ourselves to massive risk to make money. We can set ourselves up for a better future by approaching things differently.

How is this market affecting the mortgage industry? Where is our guest finding great investment opportunities in this crazy market?

In this episode, I’m joined by America’s Mortgage Mastery Mentor, keynote speaker, podcast host and author, Jen Du Plessis.

She shares her incredible investing strategies specifically tailored for this current market, and how to create the life you want.

Watch the Full Episode:

Take action. Opportunities are out there but they don’t come your way, you have to lean into them. Jen Du Plessis


Three Things You’ll Learn In This Episode 

How to navigate investing in this highly competitive market
Trying to compete with everyone else in this market is a recipe for disaster. Are there any markets and deals that aren’t overpriced and overhyped?

Jen’s smart and highly relevant investing strategy
How to turn a $9k investment into a quick cash flow opportunity and put a perpetual tailwind behind your money.

The power of efficiency
Why do we need to run our businesses the way we sort and fold our laundry?


Guest Bio- 

Jen Du Plessis is America’s Mortgage Mastery Mentor. She is an Influencer, Keynote Speaker, Podcast Host and Author. She helps mortgage loan officers and real estate agents who are overwhelmed, stressed out, and sabotaging their personal lives for the sake of their business to multiply results in record time and have the courage to say yes to their personal lives (which sometimes means saying no to clients).

During fifteen of her 37-year career in the mortgage industry, Jen has been listed in the top 1% of loan officers nationwide; spending 3 years in the top 200 of nationally ranked originators, and has funded over $1 Billion in mortgage loans. She is recognized as an Influencer in her industry as the best-selling author of LAUNCH-How to Take Your Business to New Heights, top podcast host of Mortgage Lending Mastery, and highly sought out and charismatic speaker; speaking on stages with such icons as Darren Hardy, Tony Robbins, and Les Brown.

Today Jen is passionate about empowering mortgage loan officers to achieve professional and personal breakthroughs so that they stop the daily chaos by identifying their priorities to gain calm to take back control of their business and life. She is guiding her coaching students to attract clients rather than chasing them. And lastly, she is devoted to helping each student’s business grow exponentially rather than hitting the reset button to have the same results year-after-year.

She has been seen and heard on Good Morning America, Sirius/XM Radio, Voice America, and Mortgage News Network.  Jen has been featured in publications such as The Wall Street Journal and The Washington Post; is a regular contributor to Mortgage Executive Magazine and Mortgage Women Magazine and has been recognized with the Women with Vision Award as one of the Top Women in the Mortgage Industry.

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FREE LIVE Event – Learn everything about how money works in real estate in this content-packed 2 hour session! Click here to reserve your tickets:

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