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The Formula for Overcoming Adversity: How to Get Through Hard Times with Jason Redman


Punch-in-the-face moments of adversity are a byproduct of life. No matter how good you have it, at some point you’ll hit a major pain point. The question is: will you allow yourself to be a victim or will you find it in yourself to fight back? 

When a storm hits, we can choose how we come out of it. How do we navigate a crisis point so that it makes us stronger? How did a Navy SEAL make his way back from a devastating injury with a stronger mindset?  

In this episode, Retired Navy SEAL, NYT Best Seller, Speaker, and Peak Performance and Mindset Coach, Jason Redman talks about his journey and what it takes to make it through the worst times. 


The formula to overcome: put one foot in front of the other and start driving forward. – Jason Redman


Things You’ll Learn In This Episode

How to lead yourself effectively 
What does it take to drive through any challenge or setback? 

Exhaust all resources 
How do you maintain belief in yourself even when others don’t see your abilities? 

The power of mental preparation 
Navy SEALS have the ability to endure pain and discomfort longer than the average individual. How can we adapt a bit of this strength for ourselves?


Guest Bio

Jason Redman is a wounded warrior, NY Times and Amazon bestselling author, veteran advocate, business leader, and acclaimed leadership and resilience speaker. From a potentially career-ending leadership failure, Jason fought back for redemption and respect only to find himself shot eight times including a round to the face in a fierce firefight in Iraq. Jason is the epitome of the Overcome Mindset. Jason now motivates and inspires audiences across the country with his remarkable journey of leadership, redemption, and building a relentless Overcome Mindset. Jason has merged all his lessons learned into relatable content teaching others how to lead themselves, get off the X, and Overcome all.

For more information, head to and follow @jasonredmanww on Instagram. 

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