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30 Doors at 30: How to Perfect the Real Estate Pivot with Issac Grace


In the world of real estate, you can have a $100k deal followed by a 6 month dry streak. It’s the nature of the beast. The best investors treat these speed bumps as lessons, and constantly pivot, especially in a market like this one. 

Wait too long to take action, and you’ll chip away at your profit. Continue flipping in a wholesale-driven market, and you’ll be the one left holding the property when the music stops. 

How do you learn from mistakes and pivot to something more nimble? Is it wise to hold onto our rentals right now? 

In this episode, real estate investor, entrepreneur, coach and founder of Creating Cash In Real Estate Academy, Issac Grace shares how investing turned his entire life around and how he has shifted his investing strategy with the market.


Wait for the market to bring you what you want, don’t force it. – Chris Naugle


Things You’ll Learn In This Episode

From crime to cash flow
Why was real estate the catalyst of Isaac’s transformation? 

The unknown of the next deal 
What’s the hardest thing about getting the biggest deal of your career? 

Don’t force the market 
How do we avoid chipping away at our profits and being the last ones holding a property when the music stops? 


Guest Bio

Issac Grace is a real estate investor, entrepreneur, coach and founder of Creating Cash In Real Estate Academy. With 30 doors and $15k cash flow monthly, Isaac’s aim is to provide valuable content to millennial entrepreneurs and real estate investors. For more information follow @mrissacgrace and go to For free resources, including a cheat sheet, text HOPE to 7323147978. 


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