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How to Overcome Obstacles to Achieve Your Entrepreneurial Dreams w/Justin Colby

No matter how successful we are in life, we’re all bound to run into obstacles at some point, especially when we’re trying to achieve a goal. How can we surpass the external obstacles, like a lack of starting capital or unfavorable market conditions? What does it take to overcome internal obstacles like self-doubt?

On this episode, Co-Founder and President of The Science of Flipping, Justin Colby shares how he has experienced both internal and external obstacles on his journey, and how he triumphed over them.

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To boost your self-confidence, you have to block out all the outside noise- bad and good. Don’t let people gas you up, and don’t let naysayers bring you down. -Justin Colby

Three Takeaways

Exposing people to the work we do attracts opportunity

The easiest way to not make money is by asking for it. Rather than directly approaching people, asking for funding, show them what you do. By putting yourself into a public space – like social media – you’re putting yourself in a position to get opportunities. Talk about what you do, and you’ll soon attract someone willing to invest in your business.

A market downturn is inevitable. Don’t deny it, prepare for it

The market affects us all – it’s one of the biggest external factors we have to deal with. While our current market cycle continues to improve, it will inevitably decline at some point. When that happens, those who have been preparing will have the greatest advantage. We should all start preparing for the storm now.

Block out the external voices and build confidence from within

A major inhibitor of self-confidence is outside noise. By listening to others’ opinions, we stop ourselves from reaching our full potential. This is true of our detractors and our supporters. While our critics hold us back from trying in the first place, if we pay too much attention to our supporters, we risk stagnating.

While no one wants to fail, our barriers to success are ultimately what push us to succeed in the long run. It’s not our victories that take us to the next level, but our downfalls. What matters is how long it takes us to get back up again. In the meantime, we can protect ourselves from the impact by allowing opportunities to find us, and by paying attention to our goals and intentions, rather than the voices of others.

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