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How to Become the Bank & Take Advantage of Market Cycles w/Adam Kipnes

One of the greatest things about real estate investing is that there are different opportunities, methods, and circumstances to make money. What options do we have aside from flipping and wholesaling? Why is it so critical to keep track of market opportunities in different areas and cities?

On this episode, coach, author and entrepreneur, Adam Kipnes, talks about how to navigate and leverage market shifts.

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The property and the circumstances tell you what to do with it. -Adam Kipnes

Three Takeaways

How to balance markets

We have to think about not only the cycle of your particular cities but cycles of other markets too.Some markets are pretty steady, and you can get good rentals out of them. Other markets have very little cash flow, and require us to buy low and sell high. Even if our main market is low, that doesn’t mean it’s low everywhere else— and we can take those opportunities.

The best mindset to have about property investments

Don’t go into a property investment with a set idea of what kind of opportunity is going to come out of it. The property itself and the condition of our market and businesses determine the choice we should make.

How to turn your internal and external challenges into opportunities

One of the external challenges we might face in our investing journey is being jealous of people who seem ahead of us. Use this feeling as conviction to get coaching to improve.

The greatest thing about real estate is that there are many routes we can take to find opportunities. The secret to success in the industry isn’t to focus on the property, but rather the type of outcome it can bring. That applies to the type of investment, and even which areas to invest that should govern our decision making. Market cycles are very rhythmic, patterned and predictable, and that’s something we can always leverage.

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