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How to Be Resourceful When You Don’t Have the Resources You Need

The prevailing view of real estate investing is that you have to already have money to do a deal, but the truth is you always have access to money if you know where to look. How did my own story and experience teach me this lesson? How do we overcome the fear and hesitation around our first real estate deals?

On this episode, I share my story and talk about why I created this podcast and what to expect in the coming shows.

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“The reason people never get off the ground is they don’t get started or take that leap”. -Chris Naugle

Three Things We Learned

The truth about getting money for deals

There are people with money that don’t know what to do with it, then there are people that have a deal or are trying to get into real estate and they don’t know where to go to get money. This means if you have a deal, there are opportunities to get the money for them.

Why failure is part of the process

Don’t be afraid of failure. Starting out, getting deals that aren’t structured that well, and making mistakes is all part of the process. You won’t be able to learn anything if you don’t fail and make mistakes.

How to overcome the internal limiting beliefs

When you decide to go out there and start trying to get deals, you’re going to run up your own internal stuff, like hesitation, fear and limiting beliefs. Remember, that’s your fear playing with your mind.

Financial knowledge is about applying information and skills in a systemized way to get results, and this is what we’re going to bring you in this podcast. I want to empower you to take the leap and start making your business aspirations come true!

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