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Diaries of a Female Real Estate Investor: How Farrah Ali is Driving Deals in a Crazy Market

The beauty of real estate is that we can create anything we want out of it. We can build wealth, provide a better future for our families, and change the trajectory of our lives. Our guest took a leap into investing as a divorced single mom, and today she’s doing the kind of deals most people can only dream of. 

The biggest false belief when it comes to real estate is that you have to have a bunch of resources and access to money. We’ve only ever seen the traditional path of 20% down payments, so getting started without our own money feels impossible.  

How do you break out of this limiting belief and make the first deals happen? What strategies can rookie investors employ in this crazy market? 

In this episode, entrepreneur, real-estate investor and co-founder of WE WIN LLC, Farrah Ali shares her investing journey and her advice for busy moms who also want to take the leap.


Watch the Full Episode:

Once you invest your time and money, you fall right in line with what the successful do. – Chris Naugle


Things You’ll Learn In This Episode 

Why new investors need to be picky
New investors have to do things very differently to avoid financial ruin. How did Farrah Ali make sure she picked deals that fit into her tight budget? 

How to get deals faster than other investors
In a hot market, there’s no time to waste when a listing goes up. At what point should you get your proof of funds ready so you don’t miss out on deals? 

The power of branding yourself as an investor 
How did Farrah Ali clinch a 7-property deal without any marketing?


Guest Bio- 

Farrah Ali is an entrepreneur and real-estate investor and her journey is nothing short of inspirational. From battling an uncertain future to becoming a real-estate investor, she Co-Founded WE WIN LLC, an organization founded on the principle that no woman should feel left alone on her entrepreneurship and investment journeys.

Farrah has successfully used her real-estate investment knowledge and experience to equip other women to find success. She has also authored a best selling book – Diaries of a Female Real Estate Investor. She has been featured in Inman, Realty Today, Digital Journal, REI Mastermind amongst other publications.

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