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Success, Failure, and the Wealth Connection: Unearthing the Strangest Secret

They say the path to success is riddled with risks. You could fail, you could be ridiculed and rejected, you could lose your sense of security, you could lose everything.

The bigger risk and path to definite failure is not taking a risk at all. The people who conform will never get on the path to success, but the people who bet on themselves and their worthy ideas will succeed.

How do you make sure you’re in the ranks of people who have changed the world? How do you deal with the inevitable doubt and ridicule your worthy idea will get?

In this episode, our 250th episode, I talk about what it takes to be in the 2% of people who get the lives they want.


The real risk-takers are the ones who take the least amount of risk. -Chris Naugle



Things You’ll Learn In This Episode

  • The biggest risk of all
    Why is seeking security the death knell of success?
  • To be great is to be misunderstood
    From the steamboat to the telephone, everyone who  had a worthy idea had haters. How do you keep going anyway?
  • If you put the man back together, the world takes shape
    How do you create a vision of your perfect day and then make it your reality?


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