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Seller Financing is About to Explode: How to Tap into this Opportunity with Eddie Speed

Real estate is the single greatest investment on earth, but considering where the market’s headed, building wealth won’t be as easy as wholesale deals, flips, or buy-and-holds. 

As interest rates continue to rise, fewer people will be able to get mortgages the traditional way – which will drive strategies like seller financing to the fore. 

Creative financing is a solution with a huge opportunity pool – one might even call it recession-proof. How do we learn to structure the deals so it actually solves problems for both sides of the transaction? Why is this current market (and the one we’re headed into) so ripe for seller financing? 

In this episode, author, coach, discount note expert, and the president and founder of NoteSchool™, Eddie Speed shares his extensive knowledge of creative financing, and why it’s about to be the most sought-after wealth strategy in real estate. 


One of the advantages of seller financing is the quality of the borrower. The person who needs the seller financing is excessively better than other markets in the past. – Eddie Speed

Things You’ll Learn In This Episode

Why this is the best time in history to learn about seller financing 
The era of low-interest rates and cheap money is over, how will this drive a rise in seller financing deals? 

The big issue with conventional lending
Why is the traditional mortgage industry so squeezed right now? 

How to take the fear out of creative finance 
What are the 3 key ingredients to set a seller financing conversation up for success?


Guest Bio

Eddie Speed is an author, coach, discount note expert, and the president and founder of NoteSchool™. Eddie Speed knows how to architect a deal like the back of his hand. For almost 40 years, he has purchased more than 40,000 notes and the NoteSchool executive team has bought 3.5 billion dollars in notes.

Since 1980, Eddie Speed has dedicated his professional life to the seller financing and non-performing note industry. Over the years, he has introduced innovative ideas and strategies that have positively impacted the way the industry operates today.

He has been a leader and innovator in the Note Business for over 30 years. He will tell you that those 30-plus years have prepared him for the incredible opportunities of this current real estate market.

As the founder of NoteSchool™, Eddie’s immense range of experience is packaged into comprehensive training programs, available in home study courses, live seminars, and mentoring programs.

Watch Eddie’s 2-hour masterclass for free over at


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