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How to Profit in a Market Downturn


When markets drop, many panic, but the wise prepare for the opportunity. Downturns provide a rare chance to buy assets on the cheap, and have massive wins when the market rebounds. 

From tech stocks to real estate, there are many ways you can buy low and build wealth. 

How do you find the opportunities that are ripe for the picking? In this episode, I share how to turn a downturn into a springboard for massive wealth.


Market downturns are going to present opportunities only to investors that are prepared and
ready for them
. – Chris Naugle


Things You’ll Learn In This Episode

The fatal mistake investors make 
Most people understand what buying low looks like but they miss the selling high part. How do you make sure you exit before it’s too late? 

Know what you’re putting money into 
How do you evaluate the financial health and stability of an investment before we make it?

Balancing defensive assets with growth assets 
Why is it critical to sell off underperforming or high risk investments?



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