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Debunking Money: The Truth About the Government, The Banking System and Your Money

The most important thing when it comes to money is control, but we’re taught to give it up, and the financial system is designed to take that control away from us. What are some of the ways the government and banking system has taken power away from us? What is the hidden tax that steals our wealth while we sleep? How can we get full control of all our money and create wealth the way the banks do?

In this episode, I share on the history of money as we know it today, why the financial system wasn’t designed for ordinary people to have freedom, and how we take our freedom back.

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Until the middle class stops thinking that everyone has to take care of them, and starts taking responsibility for and control of their money, the dying of the middle class is inevitable. -Chris Naugle


When the government prints more money, the value of our money diminishes, and we end up paying a hidden tax.

The money we deposit is an asset to us but a liability to the bank, so they loan it out at a higher interest rate. They make 400% to 1300% on the money they get from our deposits.

The money we put in the bank is not guaranteed. The FDIC only has 70c for every $1000. 

When we invest in retirement accounts we’re giving up strong dollars now for weaker dollars later.

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