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Lots of Deals, No Profit: How to Fix the #1 Epidemic in Real Estate Investing with David Richter


Real estate investors are the athletes of entrepreneurship. In one transaction, we can earn enough money for the whole year, and that’s both a gift and a curse. So many of us close a lot of deals but find ourselves with no money to show for it. It’s safe to call it an epidemic. 

The Profit First strategy allows us to unjumble our finances, and experience the fruits of our labor. How do we install this system in our businesses? 

In this episode, real estate investor, founder of Simple CFO Solutions, LLC, and author of Profit First for Real Estate, David Richter shares how to change your financial future by genuinely taking care of your money.


Most people’s business plan is the hope and pray plan, they hope they make enough and pray there’s something at the end of the month. -David Richter


Things You’ll Learn In This Episode

Good at doing deals, bad at taking care of money
Instead of living on the deal-to-deal hamster wheel, how do we bring some predictability to our finances?

Give every single dollar a name 
What’s the ‘golden trio’ of finances we need to implement in our businesses? 

Stop running an accidental non-profit 
We can’t make an impact when we’re worrying about money all the time. How do we eliminate that stress?


Guest Bio

David Richter is an active real estate investor who has closed over 850 deals, the founder of Simple CFO Solutions, LLC, and the author of Profit First for Real Estate. He wants to bring investors true financial clarity and freedom and help every investor stop living deal-to-deal.

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