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LEARN how to

Be Your Own Bank

Discover how money works. Take control of your wealth. Be your own bank.

Discover how money works. Take control of your wealth. Be your own bank.

Discover how money works. Take control of your wealth. Be your own bank.

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What Does it Mean to Be Your Own Bank?

Let’s think about what banks do. They take your deposited money and they lend it out to someone else who is now required to pay it back plus interest. They lend YOUR money out and THEY earn interest on it (of which none of it is paid to you I might add.)


What if all the interest the bank makes on your money could be yours? It can be, simply by using the methods I will teach you, that have been used by the wealthy for generations. Using the Infinite Banking Concept, you can build your wealth, keep your money in the family, pay off debt and expenses, and recycle and recapture money like conventional banks do.


That’s how you become the bank.

Why Should You Be Your Own Bank?

You’ve been taught to give up control of your finances and assume risk.
The wealthiest people know differently. We want to teach you their secrets.

Learn how to:

✔ Keep more of your money

✔ Stop living paycheck to paycheck

✔ Erase your debt and achieve financial freedom

✔ Increase your wealth

Watch the videos below to learn more!

Watch Now

Case Study: Flipping Equipment

In this video, Chris Naugle shows you how he made a $4000 profit in just a few weeks by flipping a construction lift!

Are you interested in finding out more? There is a minimum threshold of $25,000* Fill out this google form to get in contact with Arc.


Playlist: BYOB Introductory Learnings

In this playlist you can find resources for introductory learnings to help you better grasp the Be Your Own Bank concept!

Playlist: BYOB – Buying a Car

Want to purchase a new car? This playlist will help you understand how to implement the Be Your Own Bank System into the purchase of a new vehicle.

Playlist: BYOB – Investment Strategies

Want to invest in real estate? Are you a wholesaler or flipper who needs cash to expand their portfolio of business? This playlist will give you insights into how to utilize the Be Your Own Bank Strategy in the real estate arena.

Meet Chris

After going from Middle Class to Multi-Millions, Chris Naugle has dedicated his life to being America’s #1 Money Mentor! His success includes managing over 30 million in assets in the financial services & advisory industry and tens of millions in real estate business, with over 200 transactions and an HGTV pilot show since 2014.

In 20 years, he has built and owned 16 companies, with his businesses being featured in Forbes, Entrepreneur, ABC, NBC, Fox, House Hunters and more.

As an innovator and visionary in wealth-building and real estate, Chris empowers others with the knowledge of how money works and how to use that to break the chains of financial slavery. His mission has already served tens of thousand of Americans!

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Chris Naugle, America's 1 money mentor

You can

Find freedom from financial slavery.

Discover how money really works.

Live with full control of your wealth.



with America’s #1 Money Mentor

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