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An Inside Look at Real Estate Investor Training Strategies w/John Martinez

The strategies that real estate investing students are being taught typically don’t match what’s actually happening in the market. How is this manifesting in areas like wholesaling and hard money lending? What stage in business is make or break for every entrepreneur? How can you find highly lucrative off-market deals?

On this episode, REI Sales Academy founder John Martinez shares third-party insights from training investing students.

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Making the shift from solopreneur to a traditional business with systems and employees is where most people struggle. –John Martinez

Three Things We Learned from John Martinez

The inevitable stage every business goes through

In the growth of a real estate investing business, there’s a spot where it’s time to bring in systems and leverage. This is where businesses either get to the next level or completely crumble.

How most of the money in investing right now is in private deals

Fewer people are going into hard money lending and more into private lending. Hard money lending just has too much red tape. It’s not advantageous and isn’t lending for the whole deal.

Why the first step to success in real estate is in mindset

The first hurdle is realizing that money is everywhere, and there are people dying to do something with it. Most people are looking to make more money. If you’re in real estate, you’re already holding the key to it.

There are 4 big hurdles every investor has to overcome in order to be successful. The first is the stage of growth where systems and leverage are required. If you do things right, the stress goes down and your revenue increases at this stage. The second thing is the mindset of knowing that the money is there and you just need to get in front of people who have it. The third step is just to take action and keep taking action, no matter what. If you’ve been in the business long, the key is avoiding getting trapped by shiny object syndrome. If you navigate the business this way, no shift or change will ever stop you.

Guest Bio-
John is the founder of REI Sales Academy. For more information, and for free training content, go to You can also get free content on their YouTube channel

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