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Wake Up, Take Control: 5 BIG Money Lies You’ve Been Told Your Whole Life & Why They Are Designed to Keep You Poor

From the day we take our first breaths in this world, we’re to work hard, do what we’re told, conform and give up control.  

We’re conditioned to buy into a broken mentality and accept a set of rules that will never, ever make us wealthy or free. The banks, the government, the financial advisors – it’s all designed with one intention, to make us give up control of our money. 

How do we break away from this system for good? How can we unlock a world of financial freedom by changing one thing? 

In this episode, I’m going to share the biggest financial lies we need to wake up to and how to part ways with them.


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You’ve been taught your entire life to put a cap on the amount of wealth you can have, because when you put a valuation on your time, you’re limiting yourself. – Chris Naugle


Things You’ll Learn In This Episode

Why time is the most valuable resource there is
Why put a monetary value on something that’s priceless, that you’re never going to get back and something we can’t make any more of?

What the wealthy do differently 
Instead of working for our money, how do we get our money to work for us so we take advantage of a tool that never wears out, never stops or needs any rest?

How to take control back from traditional banks
Are banks working for you, or using your hard-earned money to make themselves bigger and richer?


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