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3 Key Business-Building Principles That Will Help You Achieve Long-Term Success w/Jason Stapleton

Three huge factors that get in the way of an entrepreneur’s ability to achieve long-term success: not focusing enough on building a personal brand, making too many excuses and overanalyzing. Why is a strong personal brand a key business principle, and what are the benefits of intentionally building our personal brands, not a corporate one? Why is taking action more important than doing everything perfectly in business?

On this episode, I’m joined by business expert, entrepreneur and CEO of Stapleton Group Inc, Jason Stapleton. He shares his fascinating business journey and the lessons he has learned from starting and running multiple businesses.

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The more you realize how easy it is to start a business, the fewer excuses you can get away with. All the other obstacles are secondary and tertiary to your mindset. -Jason Stapleton

Three Takeaways

Personal brands ensure long-term success

Most people are worried that building a personal brand tethers them to the company and makes it hard to step away, but there’s another side people totally miss when they think this way. When you build a strong personal brand, that authority and success follows you to all the other ventures. Consider how Elon Musk is known for his personal brand, not the business failures he has had. When we build a strong enough personal brand, the people who know, like and trust us will always come along, and support what we’re doing.

Lack of money and time are no longer an excuse in starting a business

Setting up an online business has never been easier or cheaper than it is today. In the past, setting up a website was extremely expensive or incredibly time consuming. Now we have drag-and-drop websites that allow us to build something great in under an hour. Once we had to network to find clients, now we have online lead funnels. There is just no excuse when it comes to the difficulty of setting something up.

Being overly analytical can kill our business before we even launch them

Very often, entrepreneurs think the best way to successfully launch a product is to do all the testing they can, and wait until every detail is perfect. The truth is, getting into action, and learning and tweaking along the way is a better approach. You need to make sales and move product in order to see what’s working and make a better product.

When we don’t take the time to build our businesses correctly from the ground up, they will eventually trap us and reach a ceiling. If we don’t deliberately build solid personal brands, we won’t connect with our target market, and sustain our success over time and in different ventures. If we spend too much time analyzing and testing our idea, the right time to strike will pass us by. If we make the excuse that starting a business is too difficult, we’ll lose sight of how much opportunity there is right now. Ultimately, money is attracted to the right principles, and if we build them into our businesses, we will win.

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