Reclimbing the Ladder After Failure w/John Ferguson

When we go through personal financial difficulty, picking ourselves up and rebuilding can feel near-impossible, but our guest this week did just that. How did he lose it all, and what did it take to rebuild? What are the key lessons he learned from his failure? How can we avoid the common mistakes many investors … Read more

How to Build Value & Raise Money As a New Investor w/Mark Kenney

When we’re new to the investing world, so many obstacles can come our way – whether it’s choosing what to invest in, where to invest, or building credibility in the market. This week’s guest faced all these initial hurdles but still managed to build a multifamily investment operation with 4300 units. How did he overcome … Read more

The Truth About How Banks Operate & How to Become the Bank

One of the things we have discovered in our investing journey is that most private lenders are their own banks. It gives them a great deal of control and greater opportunity to build wealth. Why would we want to build a bank outside of the traditional banking system? Why should we stop buying into the … Read more